Strangest Things Found During Professional Duct Cleaning Brampton

12th October 2023

Keeping your home’s ductwork clean improves indoor air quality and HVAC performance. But duct cleaners sometimes encounter odd surprises inside those filthy ducts. Depending on the people who live in a home, technicians find several strange things during Strangest Things Found During Professional Duct Cleaning Brampton.

From classic toys to deceased critters, duct cleaning professionals have found weird things trapped in local home ducts. Here are the top 5 craziest items duct cleaners have uncovered during professional Duct Cleaning Brampton.

  1. Stashes Of Cash Money

Finding some loose coins or a few dollars in ductwork might seem normal. But, some homeowners use their HVAC system to hide rolls of cash.

In some shocking events during air duct cleaning Brampton, professionals can extract up to $5,000 buried deep in the ducts! The stunned homeowners will know where the money comes from once they see the sizeable duct cash haul.

In this case, the family assumes the hidden money is decades old, likely stashed away and long forgotten by a previous homeowner. Using ductwork as a piggy bank seems unwise, given how dirty cash would become. But this discovery mainly prompts the delighted families to thoroughly clean the rest of their filthy system.

  1. Dead Rodents And Animals

No one wants decaying creatures rotting away in their ductwork. Unfortunately, ducts often become coffins for rats, birds, and other animals that crawl inside but can’t get back out.

Duct professionals routinely extract mummified rodent remains during home cleanings. Crews mask up and steel themselves to remove the smelly but necessary task of getting rid of animal bodies to sanitize the system thoroughly.

Homeowners should seal any duct gaps, letting animals enter with metal mesh screens or hardware cloth. But cleaners must be prepared to find gross remains whenever they open up old ducts. It comes with the job when doing deep cleanings on older homes.

  1. Vintage Toys And Kids’ Possessions 

Finding kids’ toys scattered in ductwork is fairly common. But cleaners have retrieved truly antique toys stashed away for decades.

These fun duct time capsules contain classic Hot Wheels, Transformers, and stuffed animals in surprisingly excellent condition after 30-40 years tucked away. They provide a glimpse into childhood decades ago in that home.

Kids love shoving books, schoolwork, candy wrappers, and anything else into convenient duct openings. During professional cleanings, exasperated homeowners eventually uncover these long-lost items and secret stashes decades later.

  1. Hidden Cash And Valuables

Ducts make great secret hiding spots. In addition to wads of cash, cleaners have found stashes of fine jewelry, gold coins, cash bundles, and other valuables tucked away in ductwork spaces.

Some shocked homeowners learned their ducts were being used to hide financial infidelity or assets covertly. But other treasure troves turn out to be long-lost savings of past residents from decades ago.

Either way, reputable duct cleaners know to promptly return any discovered money or valuables to the current homeowners. Anything found in the ducts is turned over, no questions asked.

  1. Illegal And Hazardous Items  

In rare concerning cases, duct cleaners will encounter illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, and even firearms stashed in home ductwork.

These types of hazardous contraband have no business tucked away in home HVAC systems. But ducts have concealed their share of deeply hidden shady items over the years in certain homes, usually relics from a previous owner’s activities.

Thankfully, these extreme examples are very few and far between. But they demonstrate why only experienced, trustworthy professionals should handle any duct cleaning job.

While most ducts only contain typical expected dust and debris, cleaners must stay alert for anything. Homeowners can rest assured a thorough, professional cleaning will restore their ducts to regular working order.

  1. Mold

Mold can grow and flourish more easily in environments with too much moisture. The mold itself might not pose a severe risk, but mold spores can develop into a problem if left unchecked.

Use a dehumidifier to solve the problem if you’re worried about mold growth in particular sections of your home due to moisture. To maintain a healthier and cleaner interior environment, a dehumidifier regulates and reduces the presence of these bothersome microscopic air pollutants and allergens.