Stunned Southport lifeboat crews were forced into quick-thinking after a stranded man refused rescue in rising water.

The male was found by quad bike crews from Southport Offshore Rescue Trust after becoming stuck in shallow water off Southport beach.

Bizarrely the Male refused to be rescued despite the rising water level and rescuers were forced to return to the promenade to pick up two policemen.

The officers worked alongside the lifeboat crews to detain the Male before transferring him to a nearby ambulance.

Southport Offshore Rescue Trust said online: “Southport Quads and ILB tasked by Holyhead Coastguard to help search for a vulnerable male.

“The quad team quickly located the casualty in shallow water on Southport beach.

“He refused to cooperate with our crew so the Search and Rescue trailer was used to transport two police officers out to the tideline.

“The casualty was brought back to the slipway on the trailer and transferred to the waiting ambulance.

“Also in attendance were Southport Coastguard. Well done all involved.”