Storm Eleanor washes up MORE Palm oil

5th January 2018

dangerous palm oil blobs have continued to wash up on the Sefton coastline, months after they first started appearing.

In December, Sefton Council chiefs asked dog walkers and beach-goers to continue reporting sightings of potentially harmful palm oil which has been washing up on the sand.

The yellow deposits – which are poisonous to animals – are believed to be leaking from debris from a shipwreck off the coast of Anglesey, which was disturbed by bad weather. Dogs could become seri- ously ill, or possibly die, from eating the yellow blobs.

Sefton Council Coast and Coun- tryside staff have said there appears to be less palm oil debris washing ashore, but it is still present. Teams from Sefton Council Coast and Countryside team, along with its partners have been collecting the deposits.