Still Splits in Sefton Labour in anti-Semitism Row

2nd April 2018

Still Splits in Sefton Labour in anti-Semitism Row

Opinions remain divided in Sefton Labour Party over the Jeremy Corbyn Anti-Semitism row. Some are backing new Narional Executive member Eddie Izzard (above) who has said that Labour needs to move quickly to sort out the Anti-Semitism within the Party. Others support the Communist ‘Morning Star’ newspaper in calling for Jeremy Corbyn to stand firm against his critics and attacking moderate Labour MPs who have spoken out..

On her Facebook page, Churchtown’s Labour council candidate Linda Harrison is encouraging her comrades to back this article penned in the ‘Morning Star’ by ‘Friend of Southport Labour Women’s Forum’, Bernadette Horton.

Comedial Eddie Izzard has been put onto Labour’s National Executive Committee to replace ‘Momentum’ co-founder and chief Corbyn-cheerleader Christine Shawcroft. Ms Shawcroft has finally resigned from the Committee after days in which she refused to shift after being exposed for giving public backing to a Holocaust-denier Labour council candidate. Mr Izzard, best known for his charity marathon running, has said that Labour must now “stamp out completely the stain of anti-Semitism”. within the Labour Party.

Meanwhile, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been keeping a low profile, not giving interviews, as Party donor Sir David Gerrard has torn up his Labour Party card.”

Sir David, who had donated £1.5 million to Labour since 2003, said: “I have watched with dismay and foreboding the manner in which the leadership has, in my view, over the last two years, conducted itself.” He added that Labour had “failed to respond to the most blatant acts of anti-Semitism.”