Starting Your Own Online Sportsbook Business

29th April 2021

The world of sports betting is as dynamic as the online casino industry. People equally love to place bets on their favorite sports as they do to spin on slots. And many of the online casinos are integrating sports betting sections on their existing website.

But what about you? Are you thinking about doing it too? Or, are you a complete novice wanting to make money from your own online sportsbook solutions? Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that you are in the right place to start or improve your journey.

How NuxGame Can Help

NuxGame and its B2B solution with turnkey sportsbook is here to take you through the process of starting a profitable online betting platform, ready to deploy. Moreover, you can use this solution to integrate with your existing online casino website to open up the door to a new adventure for your audience.

Reasons to Work with NuxGame

  • Complete Turnkey Solution

We provide ready to go solutions for our clients where all of the functions and features are configured by our developers. As the business owner, you don’t require any technical knowledge about how things work.

  • Quick Deployment

We take pride in our quick services. You can deploy your sports betting platform within 48 hours of contact. It’s a perk no other software vendor can give you.

NuxGame Sportsbook Solution

The sportsbook software solutions offer an easy entry into the dynamic world of sports betting enthusiasts. It’s part of the Turnkey solution and offers integration with any sports platforms you can think of.

Features of Sportsbook Software Solution

  • Real-time Tracking

Software lets you keep track of bets, customer engagements, etc. in real-time. Whatever happens in the sports betting industry, you get notified immediately.

  • Odds Management

The software suite from NuxGame uses Artificial Intelligence to minimize risks for you to a great extent. The sports betting industry is primarily influenced by odds and AI can manage the odds for you so you don’t have to.

  • Easy Integration

Integration is key to any modern software solution in this era. The sportsbook software solution from NuxGame has simple integration of game engines. It results in an immersive betting experience for your customers.

  • Sport Engine

The proprietary sport engine from NuxGame is the finest feature you get compared to any software provider. This is designed for people with a vision. It’s the core you need to bring your imagination to reality. The engine integrates flawlessly with any sports platform and gives you the master control to manage your online sportsbook.

How to Start Your Own Sportsbook Website

When you’re a newbie in the iGaming industry, it’s very normal to feel overwhelmed with all the terms. There are thousands of routes you take to make your dream a reality. We are confident that the solution from NuxGame is the easiest one yet.

The first step is to get in touch with the company. Let know what you want to achieve. Services can take the lead from there and guide you with what you need. Sportsbook software works as an empty canvas that you can paint however you like.

Once your requirements are clearly understood, the software suite is customized and delivered to you within 48 hours. You get a manager who will take care of the technical stuff for you.

Wrapping Up

Entering the iGaming industry is a walk in the park with NuxGame. There might be hundreds of other solutions out there, but none of them will offer such a customizable platform within a short time like this software provider. NuxGame have blurred the lines between affordability and customizability for good.