St Teresa’s governors issue positive update over school future

18th December 2019
St Teresas

Following the end of the consultation process the Governors have released the following statement:

“The governing body has considered various options to secure the future of our school and has decided the best way forward would be to increase the provision of education at St Teresa’s from year 2 up to year 6. This would mean that pupils would no longer need to move to a junior school in year 3 but instead continue their education at the school.
This process would roll out with year 3 initially in September 2020 (although if any year 4 children wanted to return then that might be considered also, depending on numbers). We have also requested that the Archdiocese second an experienced head teacher to lead our school in this exciting time of change.

As a governing body, we consider this new proposal will enable us to continue to invest in high quality staff and maintain our high standards of education. In spite of the new increased educational provision, St Teresa’s will remain the same small village school but this proposal will safeguard the future of the school, allowing it to go from strength to strength.

The changes in provision outlined above are obviously subject to any necessary consultation and require the agreement of Sefton Council. We do consider it to be financially viable, however, it is essential that we have the full support of parents and the wider community with this endeavour.

In order for this new proposal to be agreed by the Local Authority, we need to be able to demonstrate that the school can attract the necessary numbers of pupils. Consequently, if you know of any parents with children starting school, please share so they give our school some consideration. The governors are very optimistic that our proposal will now offer families a choice through to the age of 11, that doesn’t currently exist for those who enjoy, and who flourish in, a small school environment.

If you are a parent who would like a place for your child in Reception at St Teresa’s but has erroneously stated Our Lady of Lourdes, by following the original advice given in FAQ 11 of the consultation document, or you just want to change your preference from another school to St Teresa’s, please contact the Admissions Team at Sefton by email ( requesting a change of school preference by the deadline of 15th January 2020. They can also be contacted by telephone 0151 934 3590.