‘Spurned lover’ plasters Town Centre with derogatory posters of ex

25th October 2019

Hundreds of posters have appeared on bus stops and shop walls across Southport overnight branding an unknown Southport man as an alleged conman and loan shark.

The unsubstantiated claims, which many believe to be a poorly executed practical joke, pictures a Southport man with the caption “the captain. A fraudster, loan shark, sofa surfer, con man, shoplifter, scammer, abuser and pathological liar.”

The poster goes on to accuse him of allegedly preying on vulnerable woman.

A commuter waiting for her bus this morning sent in a copy of the poster to OTS News, saying it’s is plastered over bus stops all the way down Lord Street.

She said “I thought it was some kind of stag do lads practical joke but it’s not funny and potentially very harmful to whoever it is in the picture. He has a recognisable face so chances are people have already identified him. It’s cruel.”