Above: Today (Weds 12th November 2014)   

Town center business owners have contacted otsnews.co.uk since the beginning of November regarding the advertisements in Southport for Spookport.

One owner who would like to remain anonymous said

“Business owners in the town need footfall and customers through doors in the run up to Christmas.

The town has spent thousands of pounds of ‘BID’ money on ‘Spookport’, is this team not going keep up to date with Christmas preparations?

This surely is simple marketing? I for one am not impressed with what this BID team has done and if they really have the shops best interest at heart?”

Another Southport business owner quoted

“It’s a disgrace, they our quick enough to take our money for the bid yet they can not seem to see to things like posters being taken down!

We as a town need to be on top of things like advertisments, bringing people into the town and keeping locals up to date with goings on in Southport, not old news!”

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