UPDATE | Travellers leave Dunes Leisure centre car park

27th August 2019

UPDATE | Wednesday 28th August

Travellers have now left Dunes car park.

The car park remains closed until the council clean up the mess left behind.

OTS News will have an update from the council this morning.


Splashworld SHUT as gypsies invade pool and reign terror on staff

Lawless travellers have turned Southport into a hellhole this weekend according to worried residents.

Dunes Leisure Centre has been shut after travellers stormed the centre this weekend and were visually abusive to staff.

The swim park and gym has been closed and security are turning residents away after travellers invaded the car park.

Staff were visibly terrified and have been given the day off today as security teams try and force the travellers to move on.

Police have been at the scene OTS understands.
One worried resident said “Splashworld is in lockdown and is closed to the public.

Gypsey kids and teenagers are running wild.
Staff were being threatened. Most staff seem around 17 and 18 and looked absolutely scared when I tried to go in.

Police are doing nothing. They came and left as gypsies were running wild in the pool apparently just barging in.

This Weekend when I went was scary. Locals were being threatened and cars were being vandalised.”