Specscart: The Story Behind a UK-Born Startup

17th February 2021

Maybe you are a part of a startup or wants to own one some day. It will help you to know what successful startups had to do to reach where they are right now. Setting up your own business is ever easy. You need a unique business idea, resources and some motivation along the way.

While we hope that you have the idea and resources, we are here to help you with motivation. And what’s better than learning about the success story of other startups? This is why we have brought to you the story of Specscart, a UK based startup that has made a name for itself within a short span of time. Interested already? Let’s know more about it.

What is Specscart?

Like the name suggests, Specsart is an eyewear company that sells prescription or non-prescription glasses online. Founded in 2017, Specscart is a British eyewear startup born in Manchester and has two physical stores – Walkden and Bury.

The idea of Specscart was simple – to sell affordable glasses that are also used as a fashion accessory. The aim was to turn boring glasses into fashionable frames that people can buy without breaking the bank.

Specscart deals in high-quality glasses that excel in both fashion and function. Having operations currently in the UK, the company is looking forward to extending its services to Canada and Australia as well.

How Specscart came to be?

Every startup has a backstory and Specscart has kind of an  interesting and relatable story as  well. The founder of the company, Siddharth Sethi experienced a glasses mishap only a day before his semester exams. He did what any student would have done. He went to the local eyewear shop to get a new pair but got shocked to know the price.

Since it was important, he somehow managed to buy the new glasses but couldn’t benefit from it as they didn’t arrive till the day of his exam.

Well, that day wasn’t all that bad. After all, he got the idea of creating Specscart on the very same day.

What happened next?

You just can’t make do with a business idea. Execution plays an equally important role. Many great business ideas die as they don’t get executed properly.

But, that wasn’t the case with Specscart. The aim was clear so it was quite easy to define the target audience. The designer glasses frames not only targeted the people with prescription but the fashionistas as well.

That day at the optical shop, Siddharth had to face two problems – price and the turnaround time for his glasses. So it is obvious that he wanted to eliminate these two obstacles that keep people from buying glasses.

What makes Specscart different?

It’s not that there wasn’t an online eyewear retailer before Specscart. So, what truly makes Specscart special? How did it manage to score well among its customers? Well, the secret lies somewhere in its top-notch services.

Your business is alive because of its customers and your services are a way to pay them back. Specscart knows how important customers are for a business and this is why it always puts them on the top of its priority list.

This thinking has lead Specscart to introduce some new innovations along the way such as providing a free home trial on glasses. You can order 4 frames from Specscart for free trial and try them in person. You get 7 days to take them for a spin. This will help you choose better and see how your selected frames look on your face.

Soon after, it successfully introduced ‘Specscart Rocket’ which enabled the eyewear company to offer fastest delivery for glasses. It is true! If you buy glasses from Specscart, you get your glasses the very next day you order.

This eliminated the hindrance of long turnaround time even if you have a complicated prescription.

To make glasses more affordable, Specscart offers free shipping and in case you don’t like the frame, you can return it for free as well. What more could we ask for?

We hope that you are now all geared up to start your own business. Whatever industry you choose, always remember that your customers are the most prized possession of your business. Your products and services should be directed towards making their lives easier.