Special task force will combat roots of violence

22nd June 2019
Merseyside Police Commissioner not seeking re-election

A crack task force will be created made up of specialists in police, health and local gov- ernment who will work to tackle the causes of serious violent crime.

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, wants to set up the Violence Reduction Partnership, with the aim of preventing and reducing the incidences of violence, as well as identifying the underlying reasons for the recent increase in serious crime on Merseyside.

The announcement comes in response to the government’s announcement that they would be allocating £100million to tackle the surge in serious violence across the country.

Merseyside Police are still waiting to hear if their proposal to establish the policing aspect of a Violence Reduction unit will be supported with funding from this Serious Violence fund.

The Police Commissioner said: “The causes of serious violence are extremely complex and deep- seated. It is not possible to simply ‘police’ our way out of violent crime.

“We need to look beyond, at societal problems including poverty, mental ill-health, education, issues of addiction and lack of opportunity.

“Central Government are also pushing for a public health focussed response to addressing this issue and as region we need to respond to this challenge.