Spark Shane’s lightbulb moment saves school Christmas

18th December 2019

A heroic Southport sparky turned the air electric at a local school after saving the day as a stand in Santa.

Warm hearted Shane Keeling who works for Southport firm Ben Carter Electrical was working at a school in Knowsley when children became upset that their scheduled Santa visit was cancelled due to a no show.

Sparky Shane had a lightbulb moment and instantly agreed to step up and don the famous red suit and white beard.

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Shane said “Nobody seemed to want to fill the boots, so I thought I’d step in.

“Staff came over when the kids were waiting for Santa so I had to get the outfit on and off I went, ringing the bell and into the school hall.

“All the kids were there and one by one they came up and got a selection box and a photo with me.”