SOUTHPORT SKATEPARK PROJECT: Proposal for a world class concrete skatepark facility in Southport, Merseyside.

This petition will be delivered to: Sefton Council

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ots-skate park 2 southport ots onthespot ots SKATEPARK PROJECT is the proposal for the construction of a world class concrete skatepark facility in Southport. A skatepark designed and constructed by the professional skatepark construction company of our choice, with design input from local skatepark users. The skatepark will provide a safe, secure and inclusive environment for skatepark users of all ages.

We wish to build not just “a skatepark”. We wish to create a venue that will be of a standard to attract national and international events and competitions, which will bring much needed trade into Southport, as well as providing a world class facility for local skatepark users. To ensure this, we need a design that works, that is challenging enough for top professionals, but equally has elements that will enable a complete novice to start skateboarding/BMX/inline skating.

Southport seafront area has seen an influx of fast food outlets, pubs and shops over the last 10 years. Did you know that from 1978 – 1999 the Solid Surf Skatepark was situated on the site where the current Go-Kart track now stands on Marine Drive?

Skateparks are proven to increase health, well-being and community cohesion, whilst reducing social exclusion and anti-social behaviour. Our proposal to re-introduce a modern well designed skatepark to this area is intended to increase healthy recreational activities in this area.

SOUTHPORT SKATEPARK PROJECT has developed a proposal for a sustainable and well managed skatepark facility, in keeping with the ‘Local Plan For Sefton’ announced in February.


Then please not only sign this petition, but share it with your friends and family, get involved with the parks design and construction.

We the undersigned, petition Sefton Council to include SOUTHPORT SKATEPARK PROJECT in the forthcoming ‘Local Plan for Sefton’ with a view to providing a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for the town’s skatepark users, that will enhance the town and be an asset to the wider community.



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