Southport’s Promotion Prospects

The question and hope among Sandgrounders fans is whether Southport FC can maintain a high position in the league. The squad currently ranks in position five, above Spennymoor and just below AFC Telford.

Moreover, with such a high standing in the league table, is it likely the team could qualify for the finals and potentially win the league?

Southport Succeeds Funding For FA Cup Games

A bit is riding on this season as Southport’s Head of Operations went out of his way to search for funding to keep the team afloat throughout the FA Cup.

The club requested government help, as fans were no longer allowed to visit ‘elite clubs’ to watch the games even though teams lower than Southport were allowed fans.

With the diminished possibility of selling entry fees, the club was uncertain whether they could afford to enter the FA Cup this season. And Southport wasn’t the only team with concerns.

There were debates over who should assist the lower leagues financially. With some supporters commenting, the premier league should support the lower league. Because despite the pandemic, some premier league teams were still making million sign up deals for new players.

Others believed the government should help to bridge the financial gap for teams in the National League. The government decided to change the rules and prevent fans from attending the elite National League games, just over a week before the FA Cup season was scheduled to begin.

Luckily, a sponsorship with the National Lottery earned Southport and every other team in the National league £10 million to support them through the season. Damien Moore, a Conservative MP for Southport, welcomed the vital funding.

With perseverance to keep Southport and the other clubs active, each team has something to prove this season.

But has Southport been fulfilling its potential so far? And are they a team worth betting on with 888 sport, to become the winners? Let’s look at the previous few games to get a better understanding of their performance. Then, move on to highlight which players are expected to make their mark this season.

Southport’s Recent Performance

Southport has suffered three losses recently to Boston United, Spennymoor, and Gateshead. But the club has still maintained a strong position in the league.

Defeated By Spennymoor

In the game against Spennymoor, Southport FC experienced a defeat. With a 2-0 to the opposition at Pure Stadium on the 16th November. During this game, Spennymoor operated with precision and focus, dominating the entire match.

After the game, Liam Watson, in an interview with Rob Urwin, explained he expected a bit more from the senior players on the team and was visibly disappointed by the result.

Win Against Bradford

Bradford (Park Avenue)’s Horsfall Stadium

However, during the game with Bradford FC, the team secured an additional 3 points. They resumed their rise towards the top of the league and became victorious at Horsfall Stadium.

During a post-match interview, Assistant manager Jon McCarthy explained the young team worked hard and commented that he couldn’t fault them one bit.

Bradford reportedly had their moments and performed well during the match. But it wasn’t enough to see them through against the Sandgrounders. Both teams put on a professional show, which made Southport’s win against Bradford even more of a triumph.

Ged Garner Hat Trick Secures Gateshead Win

In Southport’s most recent match against Gateshead, the opposition secured four goals in the first 55 minutes. For the first half, Southport defended well. But Ged Garner’s impressive hat trick caused the team to panic and lose any hope of winning.

While the match’s outcome was disappointing, hopefully, Southport can come back from their defeat in the game against Alfreton Town in the Pure Stadium.

Following the game, manager Liam Gave his honest account of Southport’s performance. He commented, ‘they’re a good group, they’re honest.’ He then explained going off their performance during the match; there’s room for improvement. And that the “renowned” players need to step forward.

Southport’s Predicted Best Players

Marcus Carver

Southport recruited Marcus in May 2020 as the player’s contract expired with Chorley FC. With Chorley, Carver scored a staggering 47 goals in just four seasons.

Center-forward Marcus Carver was the player to more likely pull a goal back in the game against Spennymoor.

Leading on from Southport’s first defeat, Southport’s loss against Spennymoor saw Marcus in the second half attempt to secure a shot. However, unfortunately, the shot was blocked by Spennymoor goalkeeper Dale and the post.

Marcus’s history reveals he’s an excellent striker. However, because of lockdown restrictions earlier in the year. Marcus hasn’t had the opportunity to get properly integrated into the team.

Connor Woods

Even though the player made a mistake on a freekick in the game against York, he bounced back against Bradford. And Connor went on to score his first league goal with the club.

According to assistant manager Jon in an interview following their win against Bradford, he has faith in Connor. Declaring there is something special and admirable about the player.

Conor has only recently turned 23, but he’s said to be picking up things quickly on the team. As the player gets more experience and coaching, he’ll be an excellent long-term investment for Southport as he matures on the field.

These are just a few of many key players in Southport FC; now they’re a couple of games in, who are likely to amp up their performance this season.

Reoccurring issues so far suggest senior players in Southport aren’t pulling their weight as much as they could be. And the team as a whole gets easily panicked when a game isn’t going in their favour.

If these issues are resolved, maintaining one of the top positions in the league will be easier to come by for Southport FC. But whether the team has what it takes to win the entire league and gain a promotion, at this moment in time, is questionable.

Fans May Return To Pure Stadium: Awaiting Further Details

Part of the clubs up and down performance could be because the team lacks the usual confidence and encouragement, they get from Southport fans.

Thankfully, on 23rd November, a report was released explaining fans may be able to watch players at The Pure Stadium. The return, however, will be subject to tiers.

But the return of Southport’s supporters spells a positive for the team. Motivational cheers may be what the young team needs to maintain and improve their position in the league.