John Nolan the Antiquesman comes up with the goods yet again-Another interesting find.

Up to the 1960’s visiting the theatre was a usual event every month for the British People.

The largest theatre chain in the UK and the world was probably the “EMPIRE” / “Hippodrome”.

Moss Empires was a British company formed in Edinburgh from the merger of the theatre companies owned by Sir Edward Moss, Richard Thornton and Sir Oswald Stoll in 1899. This created the largest British chain of variety theatres and music halls. The business was successful, with major variety theatres in almost every city in Great Britain and Ireland, and was advertised as the largest group in the world.

Locations from Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland to Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool down as far as Finsbury Park London, and Brighton in England. All the top stars of the world of entertainment would appear every week on the stage.

Every week the manager would be sent a hanging poster to be hung in the box office to advertise the next weeks star billing.

I have just come across this unique collection of over 200 posters that originally hung in the famous theatre box offices in Britain all pre the 1964 take over of the group by Lew Grade.

This collection from what I gather was placed by the area manager in a box after the famous act had completed their week on the stage. Also hundreds of programs from the 1900’s. was in the box.

The world of antiques and collectibles goes down many paths, the collector markets is ever changing. It is items like this that has now become pieces of art. I was shocked when I opened the box and saw this collection, untouched for at least 50 years. These posters are 50 ,60, 70 years old all in fantastic condition. The design are so interesting and so is the choice of the fonts that make up the lettering  on the posters, colour was so important, in those days red, orange and blue. and the style of language used was also so interesting.

Arthur Lucan as “OLD MOTHER RILEY” in a new spectacular laughter show “G O I N G   G A Y” In todays society the choice of words would take on a completely different meaning.

Stars like. Laurel and Hardy, Max Miller, Billy Cotton, Joe Loss, Jack Benny, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis (a double act ) Lonnie Donegan, Frankie Vaughan,Tommy Cooper, Tommy Steel, The Platters, Slim Whitman, Anne Shelton, Dickie Valentine, Al Martino. Billy Fury The list goes on hundreds and hundreds of star names.

Thanks to OTS News for showing so much interest in these posters.

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