Above: Jaime April and Jason Moon

Jaime April and Jason Moon are Canadian musicians who have been calling Southport home for the last 18 months. We have just finished writing and recording an album (done entirely in Southport) and it features a song about starting over called ‘Southport’. I’ve included a write up on our group and the album as well as a link to the song:


Local music lovers may have noticed the addition of 2 Canadians to their midst over the last 18 months. Jaime April and Jason Moon (collectively known as APRIL MOON) have adopted Southport as their hometown while playing as both a duo and a four-piece band all around the Northwest and in Europe. The pair have also been busy writing and recording their first, full-length album entitled ‘The Sun, the Moon and the Truth’ which was released last week in Southport. The album is available to download via a link on their website (www.aprilmoonband.com) or to purchase at local gigs.

Jaime and Jason are originally from a town in northern Saskatchewan where the wheatfields spread out to the south and the Boreal forest expands to the north. They met through the theatre world and quickly became friends while jamming at cast parties of shows they acted in. Falling in love with the idea of sharing a connection with people through music and using it as a way to explore everything in life, they formed the group Magic Trees with their spouses (who were also musicians). The group recorded an album and toured the Canadian prairies before setting off for the North West of England to record a second one.

It was during that five month visit to the UK and a subsequent one that Jaime and Jason realized that England and especially the North West held a special attraction for them. After the dissolution of Magic Trees and both of their marriages, they decided to return to the area and work under the name APRIL MOON.

Upon moving to Southport (a town Jason fell in love with during his teens), they enlisted bass player Martin “Tino” Keith and drummer Sheena Savage to join them onstage so they could play as a classic rock covers band or as a duo around the vibrant pub scene that the North West offers.

Meanwhile, Jaime and Jason have been working hard writing and recording songs about their recent experiences and the town they now call home – Southport. The sound of the album has been described as “Grateful Dead meets Fleetwood Mac”, which probably fits given the folk-rock nature of many of the songs combined with the pop sensibility, tight harmonies, and blues undertones. Special guest appearances on the album include Thom Farrell of Blackpool on banjo and Adrian Gautrey of Southport on the pedal steel.

You can next catch them at local shows in the area: Aug 15 at the New Fleetwood, Banks as a duo, 9:30pm Aug 24 at Crossfest at the Cross House in Formby as a full band, afternoon Aug 30 at the Cross House in Formby as a duo, 9:30pm Sept 1 at the Phoenix in Southport as a full band

More upcoming dates can be found on their website- www.aprilmoonband.comapril moon ots southport

Southport, by APRIL MOON – Download Now!

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