Woodland and Community Walkabout with Ainsdale’s Cllr Haydn Preece

27th July 2014 Update

Subsequent to the latest woodland neglect and vandalism some of the original (banned) WWP team today went walkabout with Cllr Haydn Preece and highlighted several local issues involved.

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We have reported before on the frequently broken fencing at the Brookdale. This is sharp and dangerous, especially to small children. It also permits additional fly tipping in the woods. A proper concrete fence may be cost effective in the long run and help to stop the fly tipping problem herein.

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It is so encouraging to see genuine pro-active councillors like Cllr Preece who actually work for their local community.

The centre of these lovely woods has become neglected and a drug takers’ haven since the WWP team were banned, thanks to the ill-considered Council decision to ban concerned whistle blowers. A young man was also attacked in the woods a while back. Cllr Ted Hartill has been challenged about alleged dangerous and unprofessional misdirection of the woodland project, which now appears to stand for little more than the ongoing neglect regularly seen.

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More neglect! We also highlighted the vandalised WWP signage to Cllr Preece, which appears to now have been forgotten about.

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The large mysterious pile of dumped rubble on the playing field is now hardened with the recent hot weather.

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Many of the hundreds of trees that we planted last year have been vandalised. Others are choked in weeds and it seems that Cllr Ted Hartill (the man who the Council left in charge) has made ‘no’ efforts to help these poor trees to stay alive – why?

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We also highlighted to Cllr Preece the need for additional fence repairs on the Sandbrook Way area for elderly residents.

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This Tory-dominated Woodvale ward is clearly lacking TLC and shames the idle political duo (Ted Hartill and Terry Jones) that has simply stood by and watched this situation get worse.

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Cllr Preece is also aware of the need for more work on Sandbrook Way and he is committed 100% to assisting us to get things done.

More as soon as we can get further information.

Communities working ‘together’ remain the best way forward!


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