Southport woman saved after suicide attempt

26th January 2023

A Southport woman says her life has been saved by volunteers after a suicide attempt.

Brittney lives in Southport and says that she had hit a really low point while struggling with poor mental health. On one evening in particular she was suffering from very strong suicidal thoughts and had taken steps to harm herself. Fearing the worst, she decided to visit the Sefton Crisis Cafe in Southport – a local mental health support service – to find help.

A support worker at the Crisis Cafe sought immediate help for Brittney, giving her emergency assistance to de-escalate the crisis situation she was in, preventing her from taking her own life and supporting her to get back to a safer mental state.

Brittney said: “I was in such a low place and I didn’t see a way out, I didn’t want to be here any more. As dramatic as it might sound, I don’t think I would be here if it wasn’t for the support of the Crisis Cafe.

“The support that they offer seems so real and genuine… the consistent support here helped me get through that really difficult time.”

With locations in both Southport and Crosby, the Sefton Crisis Cafe service continued to offer Brittney out-of-hours support for her mental health conditions and has been there to help her on numerous occasions when she has found herself in crisis. She says that the service has also helped her build her resilience and develop coping strategies for when she feels low, as well as helping her get through more difficult times when she feels she cannot cope on her own.