Southport & West Lancs CAMRA Open Branch Meeting Conservative Club, Formby – 8:30pm, Wed 12th December 2012

AGENDA 1. Attendance & Apologies 2. Minutes of the last meeting i. Accuracy ii. Actions

3. Pub News

4. Socials Report from Secretary

5. Beerfest Update 6. Ale & Hearty Update 7. Website Update 8. Pubs Officer’s Report & Beer Scoring Update 9. Press, Community & Q Local News Liaison 10. 2013 Meetings Programme 11. Campaigning Aims

12. Activation of Members

13. Any Other Business 14. Dates & Venues of next Meeting(s)


ATTENDANCE: Mike Perkins (chair), Pam Kelly (minutes), David Wright, John Stone, Colin Hadfield, Fred Harris, John Bryan, Kirk Harrison, Neville Grundy, Ian Ellis, Derek Tasker, Dave and Kath Griffith, Jeff Carter (14).

1 APOLOGIES Ian Garner, Julie Squires, Doug Macadam, Phil Morris, Stuart Elliott, Simon Finch.

2 MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 10TH OCTOBER 2012 Accuracy agreed as correct Action Points: Branch Website – still quite out of date or incorrect.  It was agreed to set up a Website Discussion Group on Tuesday 4th December at a venue to be decided.  It was requested that Phil, Kirk, Neville and Pam attend to discuss the way ahead, with possible links to the ‘Like’ site operated by Kirk. Discounted Beer for CAMRA at Pubs: Still ongoing – to discuss with Doug on his return. Beer Duty Escalator: Now completed – lobbying meeting in Westminster on 12th December – we have 8 volunteers to attend this as below:- Stuart Elliott  David Griffith  Pam Kelly   Mike Perkins Myra Elliott  Colin Hadfield  Doug Macadam   Derek Tasker Neville agreed to prepare a model briefing document in connection with the Beer Escalator petition.

3 SOCIALS REPORT Dave Griffith reported on attendance at recent socials and reminded all of the upcoming bus trip to Westhead and Ormskirk on Saturday 24th November (travelling out from Southport on the 11.40 am 385 Wigan bus from Morrisons or Eastbank Street).  He circulated a list of other socials and beer festivals in the next few months, which will be circulated shortly.  We have agreed to use Merseyside Transport Trust for coach trips and the next outing for this will be the afternoon of Sunday 9th December to visit Haskayne & Aughton pubs.

4 PUB NEWS The Gastro House at Downholland no longer serves cask ales.  The Sandgrounder in Southport has 3 cask beers and sources them from within a 20 mile radius, which will qualify it as a LocAle pub.  Rueters in Hoghton Street now serves real ales: Taylor Landlord and Copper Dragon beers were recently on offer.  The Zetland Hotel in Southport has an ongoing Beer Festival with beers mainly, but not solely, from the Marston’s range.  Barons Bar had interesting beers from Great Orme and Hesket Newmarket.  The Cheshire Lines is said to have a commitment to LocAle, but this yet needs demonstrating.  The Bold Hotel in Lord Street has discontinued its Happy Hour for discounted beers.

5 BEERFEST 2012 REPORT/LICENSEE AWARDS Doug Macadam had produced a report, which was shown to those attending.  The Festival seems to have gone down very well, with lots of good publicity.  It was requested that we set a date for next year at the same location, which had a very good beer festival image.  Some time in late October 2013 was suggested.  The Licensee Awards were also very well received by the press, and a bundle of recent clippings was shown to all present.  The winning Beer of the Festival was Lytham Berry Blonde and we need to approach the brewery with a view to a presentation and Fylde Social over there in March next year.

6 ALE & HEARTY UPDATE We were fortunate enough to get the last issue, no.62 out just in time to presage the Beerfest, and there are no new reports, but it is essential that we get the magazine on a steady footing for the future, and it was suggested that we call a meeting of past and new couriers to discuss advertising and distribution.  if possible this to take place on Wednesday 28th November – Mike said he would aim for this if those concerned are available to attend. The Isle of Man CAMRA Branch expressed appreciation of covering their Good beer Guide presentation evening in no. 62.

7 PRESS, COMMUNITY AND Q LOCAL NEWS LIAISON It was agreed we should support the forthcoming Southport Visiter Pub of the Week article, and we should recommend pubs that fall outside the scope of Good Beer Guide entries, as these get good coverage anyway.  The Community-i-Southport scheme would expect our branch to seek 18 pubs to advertise, and though we would possibly achieve some revenue, this would be for local charities, and it would throw a lot of extra work upon us, noting that we already struggle to achieve Ale & Hearty advertisers.  Although it might be possible to combine both tasks, it was felt that we should hold back at present – Mike agreed to report back to them.  Q Local seemed a very good on-line advertiser, and they had covered our beer festival very well.  On the Spot was another similar on-line carrier, and it was agreed to work with these two groups in future, by supplying branch information.

8 MEETINGS PROGRAMME 2013 A copy of this was circulated and agreed – some changes had been reported, notably the change of our Branch AGM date to 27th February 2013, and our presence with a CAMRA BeerEx at the Southport Jazz Festival in the Atkinson on 10-12th May 2013.  Merseyside & Cheshire Regional Meeting dates were now also confirmed.  The 2013 programme would be circulated to on line members as soon as possible.

9 NEW NBSS SCORING/GOOD BEER GUIDE 2014 Reports were received from Simon Finch and distributed for discussion.  It was seen that some immense difficulties had arisen, because of a new software program, and this had been reported to the Regional Directors with a request to follow this up with the authorities concerned.  Some members had stopped scoring because of the new system, and this is counter-productive.  Simon also had prepared our current branch Pub Scoring List, which was most interesting.  The two reports were commended, but further discussions deferred until Simon is available to explain the situation and any possible remedies.

10 PUBS OFFICERS REPORT See report above under item 9 regarding our current Pub Scoring List.

11 WEBSITE PROBLEMS This was covered above under action points – concern has been expressed from members, non-members and press about the inaccuracies and obsolete items in our web page and its links, and a meeting now called on 4th December to discuss a solution to the problems.

12 CAMPAIGNING it was agreed to set 3 Branch Campaigning Aims for 2013 at our first January meeting.

13 ACTIVATION OF MEMBERS Nothing further to report, but a policy for this needs formulating as soon as possible.

14 LOBBY OF PARLIAMENT Members attending covered above under item 2.

15 ANY OTHER BUSINESS The Licensee Anna from the Ring O Bells thanked CAMRA for her award, but requested a rewording, which Neville agreed to administer.  Beerfest publicity commended as excellent.  Branch coach trips in future by Merseyside Transport Trust of Burscough.  Burscough Brewery is interested in entering the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain (CBOB), it was agreed to look into this when Doug returns.  All submissions for the 2014 Good Beer Guide must be received by the Regional Directors by 4th March 2013.

16 DATES & VENUES OF NEXT MEETINGS The Lobbying event in Westminster clashes with our next Branch Meeting, which is on 12th December 8.30 pm at the Conservative Club in Formby – arrangements will be needed to cover the branch meeting. Tuesday 20th November – Beerfest Review Meeting at Bold Hotel, Lord Street – 8.30 pm. On Saturday 24th November our social and survey trip to Westhead/Ormskirk by bus.

The meeting covered a large amount of business and finished at 9.35 pm.

ACTION POINTS: Call Branch Website Meeting 4th December (M Perkins) – Prepare Escalator Document (N Grundy) – Socials & Meetings Mailout (M Perkins) – Book coach for 9th December (D Macadam) – Book Venue for Beerfest 2013 and arrange Jazz Week Beerex (D Macadam) – Call Ale & Hearty meeting 28th November (M Perkins) – liaise with press and on-line media (M Perkins, K Harrison, N Grundy, J Carter) – NBSS/Pubs (S Finch) – Campaigning Aims (Jan Meeting) – Alter Licensee Award (N Grundy) – CBOB (D Macadam) – Discount beer pubs (D Macadam) – Branch Meeting 12 December (D Maca

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