Southport UKIP ‘hangman’ says he is hanged if he will obey the law

16th February 2015

 UKIP ‘hangman’ says he is hanged if he will obey the law

He challenges the Council to take him to court over ‘criminal acts’ on Lord Street.

Southport UKIP ‘hangman’ Gordon Fergusson says that rules which stop people from cluttering the public highway are for other people, not him and his Party. The controversial the Southport branch chairman of the UK Independence Party has vowed to keep his flags flying on the Lord Street kerbside despite it being both a public highway and a conservation area. He is challenging the Council to take action over his unlawful flags.

Mr Fergusson last year got Southport into the national newspapers by declaring that people who supported other parties should be hanged for treason.

He thinks, however, that he himself should be allowed to hang whatever he wants wherever he wants. He is also prepared to ignore planning laws, hoping to get beyond the General Election before he is taken to court.

Mr Fergusson has declared that he knows who the vandals are who attacked the flagpoles outside the UKIP offices last week but he has not helped the police by identifying them. He blames political opponents, rather than vandals for damaging the flags outside his shop, but does not give any evidence to substantiate such allegations. He has also attacked the Council’s planning and highways officers who have been trying to make him comply with the same rules which local traders obey when seeking to place anything on Lord Street. Pavement cafes, for example, pay over £80 per year per table for the privilege and their siting is carefully monitored and controlled.

 Mr Fergusson admits that the Council have told him that putting out his flagpoles and flags on Lord Street without planning permission is a criminal offence.

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“I’m quaking in my shoes,” he says and vows to keep on flying the flags until he is forced to take them down.

“I see no reason to do that whatsoever.” says Mr Fergusson, “I intend to contest it all the way through to a court hearing if necessary.” He threatens to strap his flags to bicycles which he will buy for this purpose and to chain them to the bike racks all down Lord Street to circumvent the rules.

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