Southport to host Christmas Trail this festive season

18th November 2020

A fun and festive Christmas Trail is being organised to save Christmas for hundreds of children across Southport.

Following on from the widely hailed success that was the Halloween Trail, which raised nearly £200 for Queenscourt Hospice, organisers are now turning their attentions to Christmas time, which is now looking increasingly uncertain due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Co-organiser Jan Hayes said “My idea for this trail was to raise funds for some families with children to be gifted a Christmas dinner, treats and gifts in a local restaurant.

“After chatting to a few restaurants we have decided with regards to covid this may be a little harder than expected.

“I have links with shoreline food bank who I’ve worked with previously. After chatting to them today they have 50 Southport families with children ranging from 0-18.

“Due to covid the food banks are currently getting busier than ever! So I think it would be awesome to help them.

“All money raised from the stickers will go to shoreline and the families for Christmas food.

“We are also opening a present drop off at the Starkidz Office for new only toys and gifts, sweets, selection boxes etc.

“Please don’t wrap gifts so we can sort them into the right age groups.

“Thanks again for your support, let’s help feed some hungry bellies this Christmas and make some magical memories after such a tough year”

You can find more information on the Southport Christmas Trail Facebook group.