UPDATE: Has Southport Splash World taken a dive?

16th August 2015

Photo: Door left propped open with the dustpan. You can see how filthy the place is.

Following this article members of the public have sent in photographs and voiced their opinions on our Facebook page about experiences at the Splash world.

I just wanted make your readers aware of the current state of the Sefton Council ran ‘Splash World’.

I have just been to splash world and demanded full refund which I got instantly of Phil the duty manager this afternoon, Thursday 13 August.

The place is filthy and the store-room in the changing area was left unlocked and wide open with chemicals in it accessible by anyone.

It’s horrific and wasn’t even rectified when I told them.

Is it just me or does anyone else agree that this place should be open to the public in such a state?

Following this article members of the public have sent in photographs and voiced their opinions on our Facebook page about experiences at the

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Robyn Thorpe said:

“The picture above is of a cleaning room that is staff members only – no public access! The changing rooms within splash world and splash world itself are kept as clean as possible, especially during extremely busy seasons like summer”

Laura Baxter Stevens said:

“I contacted them after our last visit probably around 18-24 months ago and won’t go back as the changing room area was absolutely disgusting and it’s expensive to go and it not be cleaned properly. I never got any reply from them”.


Jane Stone said:

“I think splashworld and dunes are particularly dirty. Did aquanatal classes in the splashworld pool and even though been closed to the public for hours the toilets would still be filthy as would the changing rooms. I refuse to take my lb swimming there and drive over to Ormskirk a they are much cleaner”.

Stephanie Jayne Middleton said:

Absolute sh@thole, I took my son in the “baby” pool and he was screaming shivering and went blue after I asked someone who worked there what the temp was they didn’t even do anything about it!

Loren Hodson said:

“I remember finding a cockroach in there, dead, on it’s back, I took it to reception and we got a free sunbed session”.

Christy Woods said:

“Eww I stopped going to dunes swimming ages ago cos the floors in the changing area and swimming pool are disgusting”

Tracy Marie Simcox said:

“It ain’t cheap to swim there either.. For a family of 4 to go splash world it’s £42… So you would expect it to be cleaned a lot more than it is! Pay someone just to do that area!! And it would keep you satisfied! As for leaving cleaning cupboard open is just naughty and if a child was to enter God knows what they would find and mess with”

Kelly-Ann Prentice said:

“I got my 1st ever ear infection when I went to splash world couple of months ago. My son also got an ear infection from the same visit!!! Coincidence?”

Chris J Blundell said:

“I went on Tuesday. I thought it was great !! Clean and tidy !!!!”

Sharon Rawsthorne You only have to go to the likes of Germany to realize these places can and should be spotlessly clean. There, people are cleaning all areas constantly – not just on an hourly basis.

Lorraine Melling said:

Is the swimming area dirty too ???

Rachel Evans:

“I can’t comment on splashworld, but I took my daughter for a swimming assessment yesterday and the changing rooms smelt really bad of drainage.

Charlotte Wood said:

“We went in May and only stayed an hour as my nephew who is 4 was freezing! The toilets weren’t very clean but everywhere else seemed ok”

Gillian Bickley said:

“When I went there lat year the stairs up to the slides tiles broken and chipped , rubbish on floor and dirty. Haven’t been since”

Lorraine Dewhurst said

“Full of grime around the pool it’s embarrassing. We are supposed to be sea-side resort”

Anne Glover said:

“Splashworld is dirty. The cubical walls are filthy and are never washed properly. The whole place needs scrubbing clean”.

Jordan O’shea said:

“I took my little girl when she was a baby and it was freezing her lips went blue and had to take her out i told them and they said because it was early when it was reaching lunch time so they have plenty of tine from opening to warm it up”

Michael Pegg said


Christine Wagstaff said:


Mandy Conway said:

“Both are discusting, I take mine to Formby or parkpool ormskirk, who ever is supposed to clean Dunes/splashworld needs educating on how to clean or given the sack”.

Tracy Lloyd said:

“I went yesterday for the first time with my 2.5 yr old. He was unable to walk as it was all slimy underfoot, the steps to the slide where discussing don’t get me started on the changing rooms”.

Jayne Vizard said:

“We went on Monday and by Wednesday i was visiting my GP. I caught an eye infection from the water! We did notice that the water felt greasy.. Very disappointed! The tiles felt slimy underfoot.. Health and safety would have a field day”

Heather Claire said:

“What would they say if children got hold of the chemicals”

Tracy Marie Simcox said:

“I must admit I’ve been on a few occasions now with 6-year-old and a one year old and there’s been a lot of dirt on the floors! And nobody around brushing or spraying and cleaning the floors! It’s always mad busy in there so I don’t know how they’d manage but they should close a section off and clean it and then let the public in and alternate where gets done”.

Dianne Hayward said:

“Never thought I’d say this but Pontins is better”.

Anthony Barnes said:

“If they need cleaners, I need a job”.


Both Splash World and Sefton Council did not have anyone available to comment on the matter.


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