Southport shoppers shocked by bloke in the buff

18th August 2017
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Southport shoppers shocked by bloke in the buff

It was a bizarre case of suns out, bums out for one man in Southport today who was caught on film strolling around with no pants on (Friday 18 August 2017).

The peachy flasher was caught walking down Lord Street and Eastbank Street with nothing on below the waist aside from a solitary sock.

Clearly embarrassed from whatever predicament he had found himself in, the male was scurried through the town covering his manhood as he desperately searched for clothing.

The male, described in his mid twenties was alone and, quite understandably, nobody dared approach the half naked man for fear of seeing more than they bargained for.

It’s not known how he came to be in such a situation but it’s thought he could have been fleeing an early morning tryst with a lover and was caught inflagrante before being chased into the street.