Southport Seeks Improvements: Is a New Casino a Good Choice?

10th March 2020

Southport may be known across the United Kingdom as having one of the happier populations in the land, but the seaside town is in need of some TLC. Hailed as the go-to resort of the north-west of England, the area has taken a bit of a beating of late.

Top tourist attractions are seen to be in need of some refurbishment and renovation while the high street has lost some big-name brands. As you can see at, Lord Street has seen Lakeland Leather reach the brink of closure, as did Beales. Meanwhile, Debenhams has had to close its doors altogether in Southport.

So, while plans are already in place to improve the area and boost Southport’s standing as a tourist destination, there may be an opportunity to insert a new tourist attraction and entertainment hub to add another option for visitors and locals to enjoy.

Being a seaside resort, people expect to see arcades and casino amusements with the flashing lights and fun sounds, but Southport only has one casino. Would it be a good choice to bring another casino into Southport?

The state of play in Southport

Source: Pixabay

As a top tourist destination, Southport is one of fun and excitement. Many adults who travel to the large town visit Southport’s only casino on the Promenade to enjoy a fun night out.

Not only would adding another casino to the town – perhaps closer to the seafront – increase the number of jobs in the local area, but if done well, it could act as a top tourist attraction in itself. On the flip side, another casino could easily be seen as unnecessary. The existing casino arguably already has enough gaming tables and machines to suit the size of the town and its flow of tourists.

Furthermore, we live in the modern age of entertainment in which people are accustomed to finding fun at the tap of a screen or click of a mouse. This modern way is why, with games like European Roulette, Blue Wizard, Premium Blackjack, and Age of the Gods Norse: King of Asgard, has become such a popular way to play casino games outside of a land-based venue.

If Southport doesn’t need another casino venue, then where should any money going into revamping the town be focussed?

Renovation and refurbishment the name of the game

Source: Pixabay

The details laid out by indicate that improving what Southport has in place is the primary focus of investment into boosting the seaside resort. The primary focal points of refurbishment efforts include a multi-million revamp of Pleasureland, improving the connection between the stunning seafront and the town itself, and a £1.2 million refurbishment of Southport Theatre.

Along with Victoria Baths also set to undergo repairs, Southport Market has been earmarked for investment in this spending spree. The key attraction is said to be in need of modernisation, having been the focus of public consultation in 2019, despite the £3.3 million spent on its revamp and reopening in 2012, per

Renovation and refurbishment look to be the best way forward to boost Southport as a tourist destination. However, if stores continue to close, the strategy may need to pivot towards introducing tourist-boosting venues that would be of appeal to tourists.

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