Southport Schools should take the bible say religious groups

24th October 2017

Religious groups have contacted OTS News to say they are shocked that so few schools in the town have the bible to hand.

Three high schools in Southport have declined the offer of accepting copies of the Gideon bible, leading to widespread criticism.

One religious bible seller said: “I was surprised, this week, to learn that three of our senior high schools who had in times past welcomed from the Gideon Society the free gift of New Testaments to their year 7 pupils, that this year the offer had been declined.

“I know that the bible is still one of the most popular and widely read books on the planet.

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“Secondly, educational- ists are encouraging the reading of books.

“Thirdly, have the parents of pupils been given the opportunity for their child to receive this book?

“Personally, I find this a diminishing of our cul- tural heritage of at least fouteen centuries of Christian teaching which has gone into the fabric and structure that has been beneficial to the welfare of our society.”