The Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry are an initiative of the Salters’ Institute, whose aim is to promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences among the young scientists of today.

Schools across the North West enjoyed an exciting day of chemistry at one of these festivals, held at The Liverpool John Moores University.

Each school was represented by a team of four 11-13 year olds.

The boys representing Birkdale were, Sam Cooper, Nathan Crewe, Ben Harvey and Ethan Mobbs-Pursell.

During the morning of the 12th of May 2015 the teams took part in a competitive, hands-on, practical activity, “The Salters’ Challenge” – “Trouble at the Salt Mine!” in which they used their analytical chemistry skills. The boys worked initially in pairs then as a team to combine their results.

In the afternoon, they competed in the “University Challenge”, a practical activity chosen by the University, in which they were required to work as a team and show off their problem solving skills and creativity and produce an indicator which had to react at thirty seconds, a specific time set by the judges.

Later that afternoon the results were announced.

Challenge One – The Salters’ Challenge.

Although the boys were not placed in the top three they put up a valiant effort and were commended for their attitude and subject knowledge.

Challenge Two – The University Challenge. (The Iodine Clock)

The boys worked tirelessly for over an hour to produce what they thought would be a winning formulae.

It was quite a tense moment as the judges waited patiently for the boys to submit their final solution to be tested.

Success! The boys were the only team to acquire the specific time set by the judges.

The day ended with prize giving at which all participants were given individual fun prizes and participation certificates and the winning teams, including Birkdale High School, were awarded prizes for their schools.

Well done boys, you should be proud of yourselves.

Mr Leece


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