Southport residents sick of selfish Parking

17th February 2019

Photo: Selfish Parking Lord Street

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Selfish drivers parking on pavements have come under fire, with pedestrians claiming they are being forced to walk in the road in some of the town’s main streets.

Above is another example of selfish parking outside the abandoned Casino on Lord Stret. A local resident said: “The photo is of a car parked in the middle of the pavement outside of the old Casino at the fire station end of Lord Street at 8pm, there were plenty of parking spaces a few yards behind where it was parked.”

A Southport business that provides scooters to disabled shoppers told OTS News; it’s disabled clients are also finding it increasingly difficult to manoeuvre mobility scooters around cars that are parked up on the kerb.

And parents in some roads are unable to get their pushchairs prams along the pavement and therefore forced to walk round vehicles and onto the roads.

As you can see in the photograph above a selfish driver has left his/her vehicle covering most of the pavement on Lord Street without consideration for others!

Are you a pavement parker?

Your car may be towed if it causes obstruction. Pavements are for pedestrians.

Merseyside Police are warning motorists not to park their cars on the pavements or they may be towed away .ots pavement parking