Southport Residents have no right to complain over unemptied wheeliebins

Many residents across Southport continue to overfill their wheeliebins yet complain when the council refuse to empty them.

A local councillor said It’s about time residents took responsibility of their waste and abided by the council rules that state:

All wheeled bins must be presented with the lid closed.

Closed lids:

•prevent access to the contents of the bin by vermin, other animals and/or birds

 •reduce windblown littering

 •avoid damage to container lids caused by the lifting mechanism

 •make it safer for operatives using the lifting/emptying mechanism

 •help to prevent injuries caused by lids, which can hit staff in the face whilst being manoeuvred during the collection/emptying process

Residents shouldn’t complain if their bins are left unemptied if overfilled like in the photographs above.


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