Although the major fibre optic cable from the USA arrives in Southport and pulses away on the Kew industrial estate (see photo) many Southport residents will struggle over the Christmas with slow broadband speeds including many local businesses who find slow broadband speeds a real handicap.

John Pugh MP has been pressing the government and BT the main infrastructure provider to remedy this glaring anomaly. “We should be getting the best service in England”, he claims.

Now the MP has teamed up with the Countryside Alliance and software firm Actual Experience to enlist local residents in the battle for better broadband. All we need to do is download a small piece of software called Bbfix onto the home computer and you will be able to tell well whether its your router, your internet provider or the internet speed in your area that’s the problem.

The more we all do this the more the areas with slow speed can be identified by BT and the government. We don’t have to suffer in silence wondering whether its our computer or the street speed

I would like to urge all my constituents to the run the BbFix tool on their home broadband and see if they can find out what’s holding them back. This information will be very useful in encouraging providers to make improvements to the service where slow street speeds are identified as the problem.

The software is available free to download from the website Follow the onscreen instructions. If you have any questions about the download process, contact

Remember that BbFix does not capture any data about you or your online activity. It tests your connection to six major websites as you would experience it. It rates the quality of that connection out of 100, where 80 is almost perfect, 70 is adequate and 60 is inadequate and highly frustrating.

When you want to take a look at your scores (it is best to wait a week) you can do so on the website.

In a further move the MP has obtained details of the roll out of super-fast broadband in Southport. “If residents want to know when their street will go superfast the can e-mail me on”

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