Photo: Spider found in a property on the promenade Southport (16/08/2014)

Dear OtsNews

I have just found what I think is a huntsman spider, just thought I would let you know as I’m aware from articles I have read that it can be potentially very dangerous!

Can anyone confirm the species?



ots Huntsman_spider_with_scale

The Huntsman is Commonly found in Australia

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Alternative Name/s

Tarantula, Giant Crab Spider

Number of species

94 described species.


Huntsman spiders are large, long-legged spiders. They are mostly grey to brown, sometimes with banded legs. Many huntsman spiders, especially Delena (the flattest), and including IsopedaIsopedella and Holconia, have rather flattened bodies adapted for living in narrow spaces under loose bark or rock crevices. This is aided by their legs which, instead of bending vertically in relation to the body, have the joints twisted so that they spread out forwards and laterally in crab-like fashion (‘giant crab spiders’). Both Brown (Heteropoda) and Badge (Neosparassus) Huntsman spiders have less flattened bodies.

Brown Huntsman (Heteropoda species) spiders are patterned in motley brown, white and black.

Size range

Body lengths: 2 cm (female), 1.6 cm (male); Leg span: up to 15 cm


These genera are generally widely distributed throughout Australia, although Heteropoda is absent from most of Southeastern Australia and Tasmania has only a few Huntsman species, notably Delena cancerides and Neosparassus spp.


Huntsman Spiders are found living under loose bark on trees, in crevices on rock walls and in logs, under rocks and slabs of bark on the ground, and on foliage. Dozens of the social huntsman species, Delena cancerides, can be seen sitting together under bark on dead trees and stumps (notably wattles) but they can also be found on the ground under rocks and bark slabs.

Huntsman spiders of many species sometimes enter houses. They are also notorious for entering cars, and being found hiding behind sun visors or running across the dashboard.

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