Southport pharmacies in plea for help amid government cut fears

30th January 2024

Southport pharmacies are uniting to save themselves from impending government cuts.

Pharmacies around the town are asking people to back a petition to ‘save our pharmacies.’

Pharmacies rely on NHS funding for some 90% of their income but the number of pharmacies in England has fallen by 160 over the last two years, BBC analysis showed recently.

Since 2015, pharmacy funding has been cut by 30%

There are now 11,026 community chemists, according to data from NHS Business Services Authority – the lowest number since 2015.

Rising operational costs, staff shortages and reduced government financial support have been blamed.

This is despite rising patient demand, and plans for pharmacists to provide more services to ease pressure on GPs.

Pharmacists are warning that many more local businesses could close, without help.