Southport petrol station mannequin prank goes viral

30th September 2022

A group of pranksters from Southport have gone viral after a holding up a Petrol station cash machine queue with a mannequin.

The unidentified jokers, who have repeatedly posted a series of pranks based in Southport, placed a dressed mannequin in-front of the Tesco Express cash machine on Albert Road.

They then videoed the aftermath with bewildered yet patient customers queueing behind the mannequin.

The video lasts for a number of minutes before one man goes in for a closer inspection of the seemingly lifeless queue hogger.

Much to everyone’s amusement he discovers he and others have been patiently waiting behind a mannequin.

The incident was captured on camera by the social media jokers, who hide in a nearby transit van and film their unsuspecting victims.

In a previous viral prank at Central Twelve they attached a ten pound note to a fishing line and watched as different people tried to snatch the cash before it seemed to blow away.