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Throughout the Mediterranean, an evening meal is not just about eating, its about feasting. A large table with close friends and family with good food and good wine. Then, after everyone has had their fill they will get out the Hookah, load it with Shisha, and unwind with those nearest and dearest to them. These evenings spent with our loved ones are often sorely missing in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Fabulous home hooked food and a lovely glass of red or white often give way to fast food and cans of pop.


Well at the Iguana Head Shop on Hoghton Street they have all you need to bring a taste of that relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle right here in sunny old England. A range of beautiful glass Hookahs, the traditional Arabic Water Pipe including some shipped over especially from Egypt.



A full range of Shisha, the specially designed herbal molasses in a range of flavours. Fruits like Double Apple, Strawberry, Sweet Melon and Grape and for those looking for something a little more off the beaten track, exciting new flavours such as Pina Colada, Blue Lagoon and Red Bull, bring a taste of the modern to a practice that has been carried out in the east for thousands of years.

On top of that they have an experienced staff who can tell you all you need to know about the products in store as well as help and advice.

Relive your much loved holidays to Turkey, Egypt or Morocco at home with one of their Shisha sets and bring a taste of the holidays right in your own home.

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But if that isn’t to your taste, they also have a wide range of products. E-Cigs and a wide range of liquids. Incense sticks and cones and ash catchers to hold them. A range of smoking papers, some flavoured and some organic. Rolling boxes and pouches are and excellent to keep your tobacco, papers and lighter in a neat and tidy way. A wide range of novelty and gift items for your self or your loved ones. Dream catchers, ash trays, and figurines are all excellent ideas for Christmas presents that are both fun and useful.


The Iguana Head Shop on Hoghton street is a great little place and their staff are always happy to help you with whatever you need, so pop in and say hello, any time from 9 till 6 everyday except Sunday, and take a look at everything they have to offer.

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