A local alliance to protest Boris Johnson’s No Deal Brexit and suspension of parliament is in danger of being undermined by what’s described as Liberal Democrat “deceit and falsehood”.

The Greens, Labour and Lib Dems Local recently joined forces to hold a protest rally and issue a plea to Southport’s Conservative MP to “put country before party” and oppose what they say is an abuse of parliamentary process in an attempt to undermine its sovereignty by the government.

Now, Labour says the Liberal Democrats are endangering that by issuing a number of “completely false” claims about Labour’s campaign for a walk-in centre to assist the local hospital and its hard-pressed A&E unit.

Liz Savage, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Southport explains:

“Our campaign for a walk-in centre is to help take the pressure off Southport Hospital’s A&E and is backed by the Chief Executive of the trust, it is clearly in addition to the A&E and would be a further resource for the hospital.”

“The Lib Dems have issued a leaflet which tries to twist this into some sort of plan to have the A&E downgraded, which is completely false. It is not a replacement and there is no way we would countenance it as such.”

“Equally, such deceit and falsehood from the local Lib Dems will not go unchallenged either. We put aside party political differences to stand alongside them recently – they will make that extremely difficult to do in future if they carry on with this destructive behaviour which serves our hospital and town badly.”

“It is outright nonsense of the type we are sadly all too familiar with from the Lib Dems but this crosses a line. Southport Hospital is not an issue we will allow to be contaminated by their dirty tricks – much like No Deal itself, it is far too important for that.”

“A walk-in centre will really help our A&E, we have been told that directly by the local NHS trust chief – so why are the Lib Dems trying to undermine that? It’s pretty appalling of them.”

“We are committed to a long term campaign as we realise that the local CCG has other priorities, especially given the huge deficit it is running thanks to Tory and Lib Dem underfunding.”

“Nevertheless, we want to do everything we can to help relieve the pressure on our A&E and ensure that it and the hospital remain here and are in good order.”

“We ask the Lib Dems to stop such activity, otherwise it will prove very difficult to stand together on other issues if they carry on with their blatant falsehoods over this – Southport Hospital is not a subject for their destructive deceits.”

“Such misinformation endangers its future and also undermines presenting a united front against Boris Johnson and the Southport Tory MP’s extremist NO Deal vision, all for the sake of some cheap shots – local residents deserve better than that.”

Photo Caption - 

1)Trust Chief Executive Silas Nicholls discusses local health issues with Liz Savage and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

2) Some of the Lib Dem leaflet claims. 

3) Liz Savage, Labour's Parliamentary candidate for Southport