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Dumped midweek visitors in woods off Preston new road Churchtown

Southport Newspaper dumping problem continues

Once again residents have been left to clean up the mess after hundreds of copies of the Midweek Visiter have been dumped in woods off Preston New Road, Churchtown.

Gareth Ellis told OTS News: “I have reported the problem, Someone must be aware of who is doing this and when”.

Newspaper Fly Tipping Issue Continues


Abandoned land rover in Southport considered as art by local residents.

An abandoned land rover in Southport has become such a familiar sight that parents at a nearby school are considering it art!

The abandoned land rover, which hasnt been taxed for 21 years, has been left outside a garage on Wright Street near to Holy Trinity Primary School, with its engine, drivers door and most of its body work stripped away over time.

Southport Newspaper

The official DVLA MOT database doesnt even have details for the 4×4, it is so old. One parent, who drops their son off at Holy Trinity School each day, says they remember the land rover being there when they went to school in 1998! She said:

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to the school the other way via Wright Street and saw that car!

“Its been there for years but ever in a state like that before. There’s no engine or door and half the vehicle is missing or been stolen.

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