Southport MP reveals ‘substantial’ increase in casework since Covid pandemic began

26th April 2021
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  • Southport’s Member of Parliament has spoken of a “substantial increase” in the number of people in his constituency seeking support as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • The coastal towns MP has reported a near 200 per cent increase in the amount of casework correspondence his office has received since the start of the pandemic.
  • He says his office casework team are to thank for their efforts in adapting to the coronavirus pandemic whilst taking on a “significantly” higher case load.
  • The Southport MP also spoke of his frustration with those who have attempted thwart his offices’ efforts to support constituents by sending ‘nuisance’ emails.
  • Mr Moore says he is confident that the overwhelming number of people living in Southport are supportive and thankful of his office’s efforts during the pandemic.

Southport’s Member of Parliament has spoken of the “substantial increase” in the number of people in his constituency seeking support as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Damien Moore said his office has dealt with more than double the number of incoming casework requests in the last 12 months when compared with the previous year.

In the twelve months since March 2020, the number of emails and letters received by the MP from constituents seeking advice or support increased by almost 200 per cent, whilst the number of emails sent out in response to constituents, to a Government Department or to a third-party agency also increased significantly.

The town’s MP was speaking of his offices commitment to supporting constituents in what has been a difficult year for many people.

Damien Moore MP said: “Over the past year my office has supported thousands of residents and businesses in Southport in getting through this pandemic.

“In total, we’ve managed more than 3000 active cases with issues ranging from busines loans and government grants, to homelessness, housing, and benefit payments – and we’ve managed to secure positive outcomes in most cases.

“This last year has been tough for everyone, but I am confident my casework team have dealt with the substantial increase in workload and have gone above and beyond in supporting my constituents. I know there are countless people who are personally grateful to them for the work they have done during this difficult period.

“I want to remind my constituents that my office and I are here to support you all year round with casework issues. Even if my team can’t directly resolve an issue on your behalf, we will point you in the right direction for support and we will work for the best outcome.”

Mr Moore also spoke of his frustration that a number of people had attempted to thwart his offices’ efforts to support constituents during the pandemic by being abusive or by sending ‘nuisance’ emails.

Damien Moore MP said: “My office has attempted to respond to every email and letter during this pandemic; we have wanted to ensure all residents and businesses receive the support they need to pull through and bounce back.

“Unfortunately, however, some individuals have attempted to cause my office great difficulty; either by being abusive or a nuisance. We have even had to refer a number of threatening emails to the police.

“MPs offices’ only have a limited number of resources at their disposal and I firmly believe that my caseworkers should be prioritising those with genuine concerns at this time.

“My constituents can be confident that if they contact my office requesting assistance they will be provided with the help and support they need without question.”

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