Southport MP John Pugh forces out truth over school cuts

Southport‘s Lib Dem MP John Pugh has as good as made the government admit they plan to cut cash for schools.

In Parliamentary Questions to Education Minister Nick Gibb, John Pugh took a huge ‘dig’ at Conservative leadership hopeful Michael Gove who has recently publicly advocated making decisions Donald Trump-style, ignoring expert advice.
Education Spokesperson Dr Pugh asked the Minister:
“There is a section of the Government that does not believe in experts, but, for the record, is the Minister really contradicting the Institute for Fiscal Studies, which predicts an 8% fall by 2020 in school budgets, in real terms?”
The response was a pile of waffle which did not address the question: a sure sign that the real answer is ‘Yes’, particularly since the Minister included the following in his reply: 

We are aware that there are costs that schools have to face in the coming years….We have issued significant guidance to schools about how they can manage their budgets and procure savings and efficiencies in the way they run their schools to meet these challenges.”

In other words,” it’s down to schools to make the real savings which will, indeed, have to be made”.  Good job Michael Gove is not running education anymore, eh?

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