Southport MP dismisses Labour’s ‘childish’ comments on Town Deal

16th September 2019
Damien Moore-otsnews
Southport MP Damien Moore

Southport MP, Damien Moore, has today dismissed recently published claims by the Labour Party and their candidate, Liz Savage, after it was claimed the town hadn’t received any funding from the Government to rejuvenate the local economy.

In an article published on the OTS News website, Savage said:

“he is announcing that apparently Southport is to get £25m in investment via a different fund but in reality, the only thing that has been decided at this point is that this time the government will allow Sefton to make a bid for some of the money”

Labour Cllr Marion Atkinson, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Skills added:

“While I am bitterly disappointed our other town centres such as Crosby and Bootle have been overlooked, we will continue to support and encourage opportunities for investment more widely and will fight for a fair deal for all of our communities and towns centres right across the borough.”

However, the town’s MP has dismissed her comments as an extremely poor attempt to undermine the positive announcement with destructive comments.

“Liz Savages’ comments are extremely poor and are factually incorrect.”

“Southport has secured up to £25 million to rejuvenate its highstreets, boost job creation, and create growth in the local economy.”

“The funding is there and providing Sefton Council submits projects to the Government within the criteria provided to them, I see no reason why the funding will not be provided.”

“The only factor preventing Southport receiving the full amount, would be if Labour-led Sefton Council recklessly decided to ignore the criteria, submitted a poorly planned proposal, or decided not to engage with the Government at all.”

“And given the considerable size of the investment, and Sefton Council’s record for making poor economic decisions, it’s no surprise the Government want to see where the money is being spent before handing it over.”

“I’ve delivered the funding. It’s now up to Labour-led Sefton Council to ensure its invested. If it isn’t, the blame will rest on their shoulders.”

The MP also said:

“Whilst I appreciate Liz Savage has been selected to oppose me as a “candidate”, this sort of overtly political and factually incorrect statement should not become the norm, nor should the false basis for her argument be condoned.”

“To suggest Southport could receive as little as £1 is a brazenly childish remark.”

“If it had been Bootle which had received the investment, Labour and Liz would have welcomed the announcement. But because it’s Southport, they’re not interested.”

“Liz should be promoting Southport, not trying to knock it down. I would encourage her to welcome this investment and join my campaign to ensure her colleagues in Sefton Council do not waste the opportunity as they have done so in previous instances.”