Southport MP votes against NHS protections in future trade deals

22nd July 2020
Damien Moore-otsnews
Southport MP Damien Moore

Damien Moore joined with the Conservative Party in Parliament on Monday night in voting against measures that would protect the NHS in future trade deals.

New Clause 17, which would have guaranteed the UK’s ability to control medicine prices, maintained the current level of patient data protection and assured NHS staff wages and rights was defeated in the House of Commons.

340 MPs, including Southport MP Damien Moore, voted against the amendment. 251 MPs voted in favour.

New Clause 17, originally submitted by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and supported by the Labour Party, was a suggested amendment to the Government’s Trade Bill, which will structure how the UK conducts trade deals once the Brexit transition period has ended.

The amendment would have ensured that the NHS remained free at the point of delivery for patients under any future trade deal.

Tory ministers insist the extra protections listed in the amendment are not required, and that NHS protections are enshrined in law.

Trade Secretary Liz Truss MP tweeted that: “The services the NHS provides will NOT be on the table.

But Shadow Trade Minister and Sefton Central MP Bill Esterson said he supported the amendment because “the threat to our NHS is right at the top of the list.”

Mr Esterson said: “The Prime Minister told us he favours a social insurance system in his Daily Telegraph article, so when Ministers tell us not to worry about the NHS, it simply will not wash.

“Statements alone are worthless. It is very simple: the detailed text of all agreements must include cast-iron commitments.”

Mr Moore also voted against New Clause 11, which sought to uphold food standards within the UK and would have effectively prevented chlorinated chicken reaching UK shelves as part of any trade deal with the US.

New Clause 11 was defeated 251 to 337. Two Conservative MPs rebelled.

Tory ministers said they were already vowing to protect food standards.

In addition, Mr Moore voted against New Clause 4, which would have given Parliament the power of veto over post-Brexit trade bills.