Southport MP Damien Moore has today reassured local residents on the future longevity of their local hospital after it was discovered that the Liberal Democrat candidate, John Wright, had issued a false story in a recent pice of literature.

In a leaflet posted through some elderly residents’ homes in Southport, the recently announced candidate for the Liberal Democrats suggested the A&E at Southport Hospital was going to close down as a result of funding not being provided for a new build hospital.

The story has now been revealed to be false.

In an article published by OTS News earlier this week, Labour’s Liz Savage scrutinised the story, but now the town’s MP has come down hard on the Liberal candidate and called on him to apologies for deliberately targeting older voters with a scare tactic.

Damien Moore MP said:

‘It is absolutely shameful for John to have deliberately targeted my older constituents in Southport with this ridiculous scare-story that the A&E could close down.’

‘This year I secured £1 million from the Government to improve Southport Hospitals A&E Department. The A&E is actually expanding, not closing down.’

‘It will be as a clear to local residents as it is to me, that John has tried to scare our older residents in Southport into believing this story for his own benefit, as so many of our town’s population rely on that hospital.’

‘In previous weeks, former Liberal MP John Pugh supported my comments in the Champion Newspaper on the future of Southport Hospital by agreeing with me that capital funding could never be provided for a hospital with no plan or proposed site. It’s remarkable that this candidate is now undermining former Liberal MP John Pugh by attacking government officials for not providing funding.’

‘John should really apologies for this error. It’s become clear that he has not done his research and it’s below him to have targeted older residents in this way.’