Southport mother Julie Seddon request for the microchipping of children

Dear OTS News Readers,

I am a mum from Southport to three children – Yasmin age 17, Rico age 7 and my youngest Levi age 4. Once again we find ourselves constantly listening for any news of the little girl missing in Wales – sweet little April Jones.It does not seem so long ago we had the same anguish and despair over Jamie Bulger, Madeline Mcann, Sarah Payne, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. It is every parents worst fear that their child should go missing.

When Madeline Mcann went missing I set up a vigil for her at the monument in Southport, and would go each night to light a candle in hope for her safe return. As we are all aware, sadly this came to no avail. During the investigation I thought how a gps tracking system for our children could of saved a child like Madeline, so I wrote a letter to our local MP John Pugh suggesting this possibility. But I am unsure why it did not go any further.

In an ideal situation this is how I would like the concept of microchipping children to develop –

* The procedure would be optional to all parents/guardians of all children under the age of 16

* It would never become a compulsary measure – those who oppose it need not participate.

* The chip would only hold basic information such as the childs name, date of birth and details of next of kin, but most importantly would contain a gps tracking device.

* The only people the information would be available to would be the police, and not the parent/guardian. By no means could the child be traced via the internet or any other means, or by anybody else.

* The microchip would not consistantly be in the same place on every child therefore making it impossible to find and damage it. The only people who would know the microchips exact location on the body would be the parents, and the professionals who administer it.

* The child at 16 has the option of having it removed.

* It would be advisable and beneficial to the child that they do not know the microchips location until they reach 16.

This is only a brief outline to initiate what could potentially be a life saving piece of technology, and I am fully aware that far more detail would go into its development. I know there are many arguements both for and against this idea, but a method such as this would at least act at as a deterrent to a potential child abductor, and make them think twice before commiting their vile crimes. It would enable missing children to be found and reunited with their families, and justice be served if a crime comitted. At worst it could save hours, days or months of anguish and despair to families of missing children who do not know if their son or daughter is alive, and give the opportunity to find closure and hopefully justice in the devestating event should the device trace a childs body.

I am not suggesting our children are branded like animals, nor have their privacy invaded. I understand there are many ethical issues surrounding microchipping humans, safety concerns and of course financial costs involved. All of these would need careful considoration, although I stress once again it would not be compulsary nor act as a tracking device for parents.

I am asking for feedback on this subject and greatly appreciate positive and negative comments. My next step would be taking this to parliament, but I need as much support and back up as possible from eveybody who supports this idea.

Why should we unnecessarily lose another of our children? Why should we spend more money protecting the criminal once the evil crimes have been commited, when we could spend money on preventing their vile acts even occuring?

Kind Regards,

Julie Seddon.

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