Southport Lifeboat Call Outs

1st July 2018


29/06/2018 – 22:08 – Southport ILB paged to reports of two kayakers possibly in difficulty at Ainsdale. Stood down on route to station as they were reported to be ok by the first informant.

30/06/2018 – 12:28 – Southport ILB and Quad team tasked to reports of a lilo drifting offshore at Ainsdale. Stood down as the casualties made their way back to shore safely on their own.

30/06/2018 – 18:29 – Southport ILB and Quad team paged to search between Southport and Ainsdale for a male who had been missing since 5:30am. After searching the tideline, the Quads located the male safe and well on Ainsdale beach.

Well done to all involved.