CALL OUT – 16/3/20 – 10:32 – Southport Lifeboat and Quads 1&2 were tasked to locate a male in difficulty on Southport beach.

The quads entered the beach at Southport and commenced a search from Southport to south of Weld Road. Southport Lifeboat launched and conducted a tideline search of the same area. Soon after, information was received that there were in fact two casualties who had since made their way into the dunes.

With that information, Southport Quads 1&2 conducted a search of the dunes between Southport and Ainsdale. The casualties were soon located by the Quad team who were able to offer casualty care and direct police assets to the scene.

Southport Lifeboat, Quads and Southport Coastguard were then stood down after police intervention.

Our thanks to all those involved and to the members of public who provided vital information on the whereabouts of the casualties.

Dog savaged by MAD dunes cows

Dog savaged by MAD dunes cows