Southport late night police chase

Photo: Marshside Road(12.30am)

Southport late night police chase comes to an end

Southport residents were disturbed last night after a high-speed chase involving police cars and a helicopter unfolded in the streets.

Merseyside Police finally arrested occupant(s) Southport in the early hours (Wednesday 4 May) on what is believed to be – “suspicion of the theft of a motor vehicle”.

With the help of a helicopter, the police then followed the car as it made its way across Southport – driving through a number of red lights in the process.

The chase seemed to cover a lot of ground after residents took to Facebook after hearing the helicopter and sirens in their streets and areas.

Maxine Mardon said: “3 police cars 1 BMW X5 police car right up the arse of a small green fiesta car my son said.. He said the car wasn’t stopping it’s gone over the moss and round the back way to try and get away, but with that x5 it’s not getting away with anything”.

Nat Clarke said: “It’s just been all round High Park and Churchtown as I was driving through, went down Mill Lane” 

Emily Hopkinson: It’s ended in Marshside Road – I can hear commotion” will have an official police update later today.