Protest against Sefton Council extortionate Football pitch rent increase

The grand opening of the new toilet facilities at Meols Park was over shadowed this afternoon by a peaceful childrens protest against football pitch rent increases.

Click link below to view video of parents and Cllr Fred Weavers in a pickle!

Click link below to view video interview with Alice Sumner (Hesketh Colts Secretary)  and Cllr Moncur

 As from 1st April 2013 the cost of local pitches for junior football teams is to rise extortionately. A mini soccer pitch which at present cost £180 per season will, in April, cost £700.  An 11-a-side pitch will cost £1700.

Above: Children have a suprise protest installed for councillors at the official toilet opening

These are to be brought in line with adult football. Local football team managers haven’t been given a price for the 9-a-side pitches yet.

This season has seen the demise of a number of adult teams due to these prices.

 OTS understands the adult section is expected to find £26000 now and a further £100000 on 1st April 2013 which is in line with the new financial year. Although the junior section where not hit with the same increases this season, which the adults did not agree with.

Above: Official opening of the new toilets

This should see the end of some clubs in the area, namely Hesketh Colts and Birkdale United, 2 clubs who actually facilitate girl’s football.  Other clubs would see reduced teams possible as they do not have enough pitches on their private grounds. Such as Ainsdale and Southport Amateurs, Southport FCJ and Southport Trinity.

Clubs in the Formby area who would be hit hard, one being Formby Junior Sports club who use Deansgate Lane Football pitch.  
There was a peaceful protest on Meols Park football pitch this afternoon (Monday 15th October 2012) at the opening of the new changing room toilets.

Parents, children and managers of Hesketh Colts and Birkdale are disgusted at what is being proposed by this council.

Cllr Moncur, Cllr Fred Weavers and two other members of the council were present along with Derek Ramsden.  

Above: Cllr Fred Weavers unlocks the Toilet door and its officially now open.

OTS understands that Cllr Fred Weavers made a sneak preview of the toilets yesterday (Sunday) and was approached by one of Colts managers who asked for his opinion of the increases.   Mr Weavers replied that the council have paid over £100000 on the toilets and refitting the changing rooms on both sides of the park. As well as the same amount having been spent a couple of years ago on Portland Street.

Cllr Weavers seems to have a short memory. The council earmarked £75000 for the work on Meols Park and that was suppose to include sewers putting in on Scarisbrick Road side.

When Hesketh Colts Secretary Alice Sumner went to the council asking about toilets over a year ago Cllr Weavers displayed his disgust at the fact that our Girls couldn’t use any facilities on the park and teams who played us where asked to make a toilet stop before getting to the pitches and the little boys made use of the out side of the containers. He suggested blocking Meols Cop Road in protest!

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