1st Half

The newly formed KGV football team got off to a terrific start in the opening fixture of the season at Trafford with a thumping 3-1 victory. From the first whistle the KGV lads were pressing and hassling their opponents � winning the ball back at every attempt. In possession KGV exhibited sublime phases of possession, with Tom Rogers dazzling the opposition with some superb runs at the heart of the Trafford defence. All this great early work was rewarded when a corner ball fell kindly to Dan Galloway who was able to sort his feet out swiftly and steer the ball into the bottom corner to give KGV the lead. KGVs midfield looked comfortable on the ball as the Trafford team struggled to get a foothold in the game – often running around in circles trying to win the ball off Connor Tierney, Dan Galloway and Tom Rogers in midfield.

Then against the run of play Trafford were awarded a penalty for a trip in the box – there were no complaints, especially when Rory Crowther was able to read where the Trafford striker was going to place the spot kick and superbly push the ball wide with a terrific save. It remained 1-0! But it wasn�t too long until KGV were pressing again with great work from the front. Ryan Grier who created a whole host of chances and KGV were able to extend when Connor Tierney was bravely able to scramble the ball into the bottom corner out of reach from the Trafford goalkeeper. The 1st half was dominated by the KGV team and it looked as though they had played for the same team for years, when in fact this was their first game together.

2nd Half

The 2nd half began in a familiar manner to the first with the midfield 3 battling for possession and keeping possession along with the front 3 looking threatening at every opportunity. As Trafford tried to work the ball into their front men the KGV defence gave no let-up in pressure with Tom Walsh making some important tackles and the full-backs; Dom Rigby and Lewis Thornton providing great cover for the two centre backs and great support for the midfield and strikers when we were attacking.

Mid-way through the 2nd half KGV were awarded a free kick in a good crossing position, a great ball in by Dan Galloway was duly headed into the corner by Andy Bennett and it was plain sailing for the KGV team who continued to create chances with Ryan and Tom being unlucky not to score and Connor was close to doubling his tally for the day but was denied by not one post both when his powerful drive somehow stayed out of the goal.

During the last 10 minutes Trafford poured a lot of men forward pushing for a goal which they got in a similar fashion to our 3rd goal. This was hard on the KGV team who defended well throughout the game and the goalkeeper Rory Crowther deserved a clean sheet. When the final whistle went there were no complaints from the opposition who knew the better team had won on the day and the KGV lads honourably shook hands and left the celebrations for the coach journey home. It was a marvellous win for the first game of the season and I�m sure there are plenty more to come.

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