Photo: Alan McClean

Southport Hospital Alan McClean was patient high on cocaine and booze severed an artery and lost part of his hand – after being tasered and jumping from a window.

Alan McClean’s roamed around Southport Hospital in a threatening manner and jumping out of the window twice – leaving staff and patients terrified.

Liverpool Crown Court heard before he jumped a police officer was forced to taser him, but it had no effect and he ripped the barbs from his torso.

PC Darren Regan tasered McClean for a second time, but again to no effect and he jumped out of the window severing an artery in his left wrist and injuring his hand.

He was chased and found to be trying to get into the rehabilitation room and making threats to staff and patients who had barricaded themselves in.

McClean (40) lost a finger, a large part of his hand and was told he was lucky to be alive.

The court heard that McClean first turned up at the hospital on July 26 and was admitted for tests for stomach pains.

Police were later called to calm him down as he had become agitated and was walking up and down the ward frightening everyone.

At 9.50 am the next morning “he again became agitated and threatening and was roaming around causing fear and distress,” said Mr Bisarya.

He left the medical aid unit and after jumping out of the window in the physiotherapy ward and then ran back round to the medical aid unit and was found in a small room where a terrified nurse was cowering against a table to keep away from him.

ots-southport-police-hospital-windowPC Regan and another member of staff saw McClean was displaying signs of extreme paranoia including saying that the officer was not real and refusing to calm down.

When he approached the officer and refused to step back he was tasered twice before leaping from the window.

Mr Bisarya said: “He was bleeding heavily from his artery and it was believed if he did not receive immediate medical attention he might die.”

More police officers arrived and McClean was restrained. The nurse who had been trapped with him in the room was unable to return to work for several days because of anxiety.

When questioned McClean, who had taken cocaine and alcohol, said he had no recollection of the incident.

He said he had gone to a friend’s home for a few drinks and the next thing he woke up in hospital with his hand in a cast.

McClean, of Waddicar Lane, Melling, pleaded guilty to affray and was jailed for 16 months.

Judge Jonathan Foster, QC, said: “I don’t know what got into you that day, you cannot remember anything of it.

He lost almost a third of his hand as a result of the incident, partly because of gangrene and has voluntarily referred himself to a drugs rehabilitation team.


Southport hospital was today on lockdown after a patient tried to jump through a ground floor window, Monday 27 July 2015.

The incident happened this morning when the hospital was very busy with visitors.

Simon Featherstone, Director of Nursing and Quality, said:

“Merseyside Police attended Southport hospital on Monday morning after a patient being treated on the Observation Ward became confused.

“The staff involved acted with exceptional professionalism to help bring the incident to an end without harm to colleagues, other patients or visitors.

“Our Health and Well-being Service is supporting any staff left distressed or concerned by their experience.

“As is normal practice, the Trust will hold an internal investigation into the incident to understand what lessons can be learned.

“The Trust continues to help the police with their inquiries.”

A hospital visitor said:

“Smashed windows, blood in corridors apparently police and security are looking for the patient”.

“Security have closed the hospital to visitors”

ots-southport-police-hospitalPhoto: Scientific support at the scene


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