Southport homes still without proper water supply, say United Utilities

22nd December 2022

United Utilities have profusely apologised to dozens of homes in Southport still with little to no water.

It comes after pipes across the network began bursting or leaking due to the recent extreme cold weather.

The water company which supplies the network in Southport, United Utilities, say they are sorry that people in the town could still be without a proper water supply.

A spokesperson for the firm said “We are aware of a problem in the Southport area causing no water or low water pressure, we are really sorry if customers are affected by this.

“As the thaw continues to take effect, we are still seeing the impact of leaks, either on customer properties or across our network of pipes in the area.

“Our teams will continue to be out and about in this area to find and fix the network leaks and our production teams are doing what they can to increase water into the system.

“Thank you for your patience.”