Members of Southport’s rock’n’roll groups of the Sixties met Manfred Kuhlmann, the respected German rock author, at Broadhurst’s Bookshop, Market St, Southport on Saturday. Manfred was there to launch hiss latest book, ” Mersey Beat Waves”, which features hundreds of musicians and groups involved in the 1960’s Merseybeat boom years.

Pictured above left to right are Eric Howie, rhythm guitarist of one of Southports earliest groups,”The T.J’s”; Barry Womersley, lead guitarist with “Rhythm and Blues Inc”, hit recorders of “Louie Louie”; Alex Paton, drummer with the “Toledo 4” and “Tony Carlton’s Mersey Boys”; 


Pictured above shows Manfred Kuhlman with Laurie Hardman, Broadhurst’s proprietor.

Barry and Alex met Manfred while touring in Germany in the 60’s and have remained in contact ever since.

Alex, who is currently writing his own history of Southport bands, has also been involved with the research for Manfred’s next book entitled “Some Other Guys” which will include many of the Southport bands of that era. Said Manfred, “Southport during the 60’s had a very vibrant scene with many talented musicians and groups. Although only 20 miles from Liverpool it developed an identity of its own and I am very pleased that in my next book it will give them the full recognition that they deserve.”

‘Some Other Guys’ is due to be published in the Autumn of 2012.


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