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Again Clapham has been banning journalists for having an opinion. This time Ron Ellis has been banned from Haig Avenue for a very honest and sincere piece of journalism in the Champion last week. The suggestions made are shared by probably the vast majority of supporters of this once great club, it’s about time Charlie Clapham accepted an honest account of the feeling of SFC’s supporters.

Ron was not being negative in any way, on the contrary he was very positive towards an alternative way of taking the club forward towards being great again, sorry for your ban Ron, but you will be back when they(including Hadyn in this) have calmed down and perhaps think about what you have suggested on behalf of our faithful supporters.

Well done Ron for having the guts you have shown.

Other subscribers to the port chat said: “Charlie’s losing the plot if he’s banned Ron for writing that piece!

I’ve never really criticised Charlie before but he’s gone down in my estimation if that’s the case. The points made in the article are valid and the only bit I disagree with is where Ron says that relegation can be avoided.

Charlie, I still believe you have the clubs best interests at heart but you need to take a step back, look at the position we’re in, consider the lack of progress made in the last few years and then re-read the article. Like you, Ron has the clubs best interests at heart and what he says makes a lot of sense.”


The article which has since resulted in Ron Ellis getting a ban is below.

port manager

Port face crucial decision after Carden’s departure

SOUTHPORT face a crucial period now following the departure of manager Paul Carden.

His failure is a disappointment for the club as there were high hopes for the team’s success at the start of the season.

A club statement said: “We would like to thank Paul for all his professionalism, efforts and dedication to the job and wish him well in his future football career.

“Results this season just have not been achieved despite Paul working very hard, putting together a talented squad of players.”

The following statistics (league games only) about his and previous managers’ records show that Carden had been given time to turn things round: Mike Walsh left after 26 games produced 25 points (average 0.96 points per game); Paul Cook left after 25 games produced 20points (average 0.80 points per game); Alan Wright left after 21 games produced 21 points (average 1 point per game); Martin Foyle left after 14 games produced 11 points (average 0.79 points per game).

Paul Carden left after 19 games produced 15 points (average 0.79 points per game)

This is a crucial time for The Sandgrounders and maybe this is the moment to look at changes in the recruitment set–up.

Many supporters believe that unless a rich benefactor can be found to buy quality full time players, part time football is the only option on the current income which will only decrease if gates fall.

At the moment, Southport pay their players as part–timers but insist they train in the daytime rather than the evening. It means talented players like former Charlton Athletic midfielder, Mark Stuart, who made 57 appearances for the club between 1999 and 2001 while working as a manager at a building society may not now signed on the current terms.

There must be more players today in this position.

By going part time and training in the evenings instead of the mornings, the club may attract a better class of player, ones wanting to continue playing football while earning their main income in daytime employment.

The wage bill would be no higher and certainly the current crop of players do not seem to be benefiting from the extra training, especially as the sophisticated equipment at Edge Hill is no longer available.

All is not lost yet. Relegation can be avoided.

The fightback must begin on Saturday at Welling.


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